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X-Men: The Official Game Cheats

X-Men: The Official Game Online Strategy Guide
Taking place between the time of the X-2 and X-3 movies, X-Men The Official Game tells the story of three very distinct mutants; Wolverine the enraged brawler, Iceman the master of freezing water, and Nightcrawler, the teleporting self-proclaimed pacifist. All three will partake in missions that are rather unique in style from one another, each with their own moves, powers, and abilities to call upon.
This sure does sound confusing, and when adding in the Sentinel Tech pieces and the Weapon X files, this can make for a fairly overwhelming gaming experience, leading to much wailing and gnashing of the oh so perfect teeth. However, there is hope in this world that mutant and homo sapiens have the ability to achieve a peace and live side by si… err… However, IGN has stepped up, learning all there is to know about this game, lending their mad gaming skills to help solve the bad elements that look to change the world in their favor!

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Unlockable: Wolverine Street Clothes
Collect all Weapon X files in Wolverine levels.

Frogger Cheats

Hint - Share The Achievement
May not be valid for subsequent Xbox patches.

All acheivments in the game can be obtained by someone else, but applied to your gamer score by playing in co-op. The trick requires two friends playing co-op frogger.

First, start a co-op game with someone who is good at the game (GAMER 1). YOU must host the match (you are on the left screen). Have your other friend (GAMER 2) host a private co-op match and send you an invite to it (don't accept it just yet).

Play through the co-op game, it does not matter if YOU die as long as GAMER 1 obtains the criteria for the achievment. As soon as he meets the criteria (i.e. beats level 5) accept your friend's invite before GAMER 1 loses all his frogs (join GAMER 2's game while GAMER 1's game is still going)

Since you have now switched from the left hand screen to the right hand screen (because you are no longer hosting) the game thinks that YOU completed the achievments which GAMER 1 did.

NCAA Football 07 Cheats

NCAA Football 07 Online Strategy Guide
They say the college years are the best of your life. Short of starting an adult fraternity, there isn't really any way to relive the glory days. Thankfully, modern gaming technology has deemed it fit to provide us with NCAA Football 07. It's time to break out the funnel; you're going back to class.
It doesn't matter how you spent your formative years. This time through you'll be the big man on campus. Not everyone is blessed with the athletic prowess of Vince Young or the football knowledge of Charlie Weis. That's why IGN Guides is here. We'll get you on the right path towards a national championship.

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Cheat: Commentators Have Very Low Voices
Create a new profile named Tuba.

Cheat: First Downs Are Now 20 Yards Away
Create a new profile named FirstAndLong.

Cheat: All Impact Players Are "In The Zone"
Create a new profile named ZoneOut.

Cheat: All Players On Your Dynasty Team Have Maxed Stats
Create a new profile named InTheGame.

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Cheats

Battlefield 2: Modern Combat Online Strategy Guide
The hit PC Battlefield formula has hit home on consoles, but it didn't show up empty handed. Along with the fierce 24-player online battles, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat comes packed with a complete single player campaign mode. Get your C4 ready, the heavy cavalry is about to roll in.
When the whole world is fighting, it's hard to tell who your friends are. Alliances can be made and broken overnight in this crazy propaganda fueled world. No matter which side you're on, IGN Guides will help you win. Think of us like the arms dealer that will sell weapons to both sides, as long as they're Insiders.

Look inside the guide for:

Basics: Get started by learning the ropes.
Weapons: A full overview of each weapon and handy tips for using them online.
Vehicles: Details on each mechanical monster you can ride.
Missions: A complete walkthrough of the single player missions.
Challenges: Read here for help on completing all of the challenges.
Multiplayer: We'll get you started on the basics of the online battle.
Medals and Stars: Rewards explained.
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Unlockable: Weapons
Hold down left and right bumpers and enter RIGHT, DOWN, UP, LEFT, LEFT.

Unlockable: Brigadier General
You must win 12 Medals, 19390 Points, 85 PPH.

Unlockable: Colonel Rank
Collect 11 Medals, 16070 Points, 80 PPH.

Unlockable: Chief Warrant Officer
You must collect 5 Medals, 3700 Points, 50 PPH

Unlockable: Corporal
You must collect 70 Points and 15 PPH.

Unlockable: First Lieutenant
You must collect 7 Medals, 6560 Points, and 60 PPH.

Unlockable: Five Star General
You must collect 15 Medals, 32000 Points, 100 PH.

Unlockable: Lieutenant Colonel
You must collect 10 Medals, 13150 Points, 75 PPH.

N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Cheats

N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Online Strategy Guide
Long have Humans and the Outland races been at war, the Humans with the Orb of Light and the Outland races with the Orb of Darkness. Both sides have skirmished for millennia, with no great gains made, but many sorrowing losses of life have been achieved in this stalemate. However, a war is brewing, a war that will see entire cities wiped clean of life, battles in harsh mountains and open fields and forests shrouded in mystery. This is not a war based in gain of territory but rather one of gaining possession of the other sides Orb, bringing about the Ninety-Nine Nights to end this Age and usher in a new one. Is it the work of these power hungry races, just a few overly zealous leaders, or something...more sinister?
Well, the battles are to be immense, with thousands of soldiers on each side clashing at one time, with conventional weapons, catapults, dragons, and magics, making for one tough road to the top of the heap. This is where IGN comes in, bringing all of the goods, bringing the needed info, and bringing you slickest strategies to help turn the tide of war in favor of whichever side you support. Moves and Combos are no problems to figure out with our full list. Learn how to identify each character when they are friend or foe on the battlefield, making use of the Character analysis to better understand how to use or abuse them in battle. Each character's campaign has been played through, with the step by step process for defeating the opposition laid out, offering the goods on how to survive fights against superior opponents.

With IGN on your side, the ultimate conclusion to this conflict will be reached with ease, bringing about a new day... and possibly a new Age!

In this Ninety Nine Nights strategy guide, you'll find:

CHARACTERS // Background info on all playable characters.
BASICS // General tips and strategy, plus, moves lists for the seven heroes.
WALKTHROUGH // Complete Ninety Nine Nights walkthrough, including strategies for all seven campaigns.
N3: Ninety-Nine Nights Online Strategy Guide

Unlockable: VigkVagk
Finish the game with all the other characters.

Unlockable: Inphyy Mission
Complete the game with all the main characters. With the saved progress, load-up Inphyyy as a selected character and she will have an extra mission to play.

Unlockable: Aspharr
You must finish Fort Wyandeek with Inphyy.

Hint - Deus Ex Generalities
Some general hints for N3 players!

(1) The maximum level of a character is nine. More attacks are unlocked at higher levels, and more potent weapons (if acquired) may be equipped.

(2) Replaying a mission will slowly increase the potency of items (extrapolation from game manual).

(3) Items however, are partly randomized in chests and always randomized from dead enemies.

(4) Save slots track campaign progress and character development. Reserve one slot for each character!

(5) When you acquire a weapon or item, don't forget to equip it (Status Menu). Equipped items are organized by power level (Clover 2 will precede Life Globe 1 for example).

(6) Blocking is universal (and non-chipping). Block often against bosses or don't expect to survive.

(7) Orb Spark (blue) is very rare. If you have to forego an Orb Attack (red) to get more blue orbs or just to save up the Orb Spark for a boss or big conglomeration of enemies, do so.

(8) Troops are expendable. Use them or lose them.

(9) Allied officers are invulnerable. Use them to lure bosses while you attack .... from the back.

(10) Inphyy's final stage is impossible without some serious devotion. First, she needs her level 9 attack move. She also needs to achieve several S ranks across her stages -- this is because there's an item that lets Inphyy do red meter draining moves without draining the red meter. You will need that to defeat the ultimate enemy!
Hint - Curse Yourself And Be Stronger
Obtaining higher combos will unlock more powerful weapons. I was able to unlock the aegis charm 4 which raises your defense up by 80%. I was also about to obtain the Royal Flag (50% range attack & 20% Attack Power) and Royal Crown (Critical 50%).

The trick is to use those cursed items to weaken your character so you dont kill everyone in one hit. Each character has a level where you can rack up a huge combo. I got those items for Imphyy when I first reach a 9800 combo!

Tutorial Weapon
When you play the tutorial stage, check every treasure chest in sight for a Prominence weapon. Although you need to increase Inphyy's level to equip it, this is the only method to unlock this sword before committing to Inphyy's campaign.

Hint - King of Nights
Beating the final boss of N3 is much easier (and do-able) by doing the following:

1. Increase Inphyy's level to nine for her final attack.

2. Attain the accessory "Deadly Armband" as a randomly dropped item from various Army of the Night enemies.

3. A strong weapon. The Klausorus is an award for S rank in Inphyy's Eauvarria Mountain Pursuit.

4. Do Inphyy's final aattack move (GREEN, GREEN, YELLOW) on the boss when it is distracted and dash to evade all retaliatory attacks.

5. As a safety net, consider equipping the accessory "Demon Gloves" if necessary.

Enchanted Arms Cheats

Hint: Unlimited Chips & SP
At London city, go to the casino (slum area). Use a save and load method, and play roulette by betting 1000 chips for the first 9-12 numbers which you can earn around 24000-26000 chips if you win. The chances is roughly 1/3 to 1/4. Quit casino and save after you win. Naturally, if you lose, reload your last save. Repeat that and you can earn unlimited casino chips.

After you obtained all the goodies in the casino presents, you can sell that item in casino which recovers 50% of your HP and EP at the shop next door. You can only carry 9 on you at a time. So you will have to buy them from casino using chips and sell them at the shop. You can get 5400 TB for 9 of them. Repeat the step above and you can have unlimited money and unlimited SP because SP can be purchased at the shop.

Hint - Omega Tactics
Omega is the final boss in the holy beast shrine At first it seems impossible to kill Omega with him having 99999 hp and ep but he is rather easy to defeat with a golem that has a special attack that takes a % of damage. I used Sebastian sniper shot. The first few shots with him did about 35000+ damage. Other golems you can use is Raiko or Samurai. Lastly, keep your members out of his God Scream ability if possible.

Perfect Dark Zero (Limited Collector's Edition) Cheats

Unlockable: Dark Agent
Finish the game in Perfect Agent mode.

Unlockable: CMP-150
Pick itup in Sewer Retrieval, and finish the level with it.

Unlockable: Combat Shield
Pick it up in Trinity Infiltraiton and finish the level with it.

Unlockable: DEF-12 Shotgun
Pick itup in Nightclub Stakeout, and finish the level with it.

Unlockable: DW-P5 (SMG 2)
You must pick it up in Nightclub Stakeout, and finish the level with it.

Unlockable: FAC-16 (Assault 2)
You must pick it up at Trinity Escape (off dead ally, and finish the level with it.

Unlockable: Falcon (Pistol 1)
You must pick it up at the Nightclub Stakeout.

Unlockable: Flashbangs (Thrown, 1)
You must pick it up at the Lab Rescue, River Escape.

Unlockable: Frag Grenade (Thrown 1*5)
You must pick it up in the Nightclub Stakeout.

Unlockable: Hawk Boomerang
You must pick it up in the Trinity Infiltration.

Dead Rising Cheats

Dead Rising Online Strategy Guide
Welcome to the peaceful, small-town burg of Willamette, Colorado. Here, you will encounter horrors which will boggle the mind and haunt your dreams for years to come. Step into the shoes of Frank West, a seasoned photojournalist, who is not nearly so seasoned that he could have predicted what is about to transpire. Zombies have struck in the most unlikely of places, a mall (who would've thunk it?), and it is up to you to figure out their mysterious origins. Good luck, not that luck will have anything to do with making it out alive.
In this Dead Rising strategy guide, you'll find:

BASICS // General strategies to assist you on your way, as well as a breakdown of some of the more efficacious weapons in the game.
WALKTHROUGH // Complete Dead Rising Walkthrough covering all of the game's missions.
SCOOPS // A breakdown of when, where, and how each of the game's many optional scoops will need to be tackled.
SECRETS // Learn the method for unlocking any of the game multiple endings as well as the various drink mixes that can be made.
Get the Dead Rising Online Strategy Guide

Unlockable List Of Zombie Bashing Crap In The Air Vents
For all unlockables, you need to earn an ending. If Frank dies, you fail to earn a required ending, or you choose to start a new game after meeting the requirements, you do not unlock the reward.

Ammo Belt (costume) ... Do not miss with a machinegun. If you miss, start with a new (150 round) machinegun.

Arthur's Boxers (costume) ... Survive for at least 7 days in Infinity Mode.

Hockey Mask (costume) ... Photograph all PP Stickers.

Real Laser Sword (weapon) ... Survive for at least 5 days in Infinity Mode.

Mall Uniform ... Answer all calls from Otis.

Mega Man Boots ... Get the best ending without being knocked out (you can load a game if Frank is captured or killed). You get this achievement by finishing Overtime mode not 72 hour mode. -- XOsgrayX (IGN)

Mega Man Clothes ... Defeat at least 10 psychopaths.

Prisoner Garb ... Steal the convicts' jeep.

Pro Wrestling Boots ... Break 100 items (this means use until it disappears, not throwing them)

Pro Wrestling Briefs ... Defeat 1000 zombies without any weapons. Most skills are considered bare-handed. Not all melee attacks count! Big swing, hammer throw and lift up don't count! The moves where you use a zombie to kill a zombie are not considerd bare handed moves. --wholycrapon (IGN)

Real Mega Buster ... Defeat at least 53,594 zombies in one session.

Special Forces Boots ... Defeat at least 15 psychopaths (or 10 special forces soldiers).

Special Forces Uniform ... Destroy the Special forces helicopter (Mega Buster or Machinegun is best).

White Hat ... Photograph at least 50 (living) survivors.

Unlockable: Infinity Mode
You must obtain the "true ending."

Unlockable: White Hat
You must achieve Census Taker.

Unlockable: Ammo Belt
You must achieve Perfect Gunner.

Unlockable: Overtime Mode
You must complete the first 72 hours of Frank's stay in the mall and then return to the helipad by noon on the 22nd

Unlockable: Cop Hat
You must achieve Saint.

Unlockable: Infinite Molotov Cocktail
You must utilize fire Extinguisher to save Paul, then bring him to the security room.

Hint: Katana
As soon as you begin the demo take the first staircase to your right and walk up.

At the second store/shop on your left (it is a resturant/food court) enter the shop and jump behind the counter and walk to the juice section (you'll see it, mmmmm O.J.) after you replentish your health,walk to the right of the juice section and jump off-trust me.

You will land on an orange canopy and yeehaw you'll find the Katana that will slice and dice the hoards of zombies in your path. All though the katana does not last long, it is freakin sweet watching the zombies be cut into bloody pieces!

Note katanas are also infinite from stalls N116 and E205.

Hint: Bester Fester Beginning
Replay the first few portions of the game first -- save the couple and photograph them hugging for moola points. Kill a few zombies and then die around the parking lot area. When you "save and exit to title", you keep your character's development (and PP values) for the next attempt at the game. You can power up significantly to muscle through the later areas of the game!

Hint: Samurai Onechambara Zombie Action!
Screw the firearms. This is not Resident Evil! Stick with the samurai sword if you want to whack bosses. Deliver a few hits and your bullets can be saved for times when you need to attack at range to get to vital food and health items. Note that this becomes valid only with some bosses (not all).

Hint - Carlito Tactics
In order to beat Carlito, there are two ways I have discovered. Either go into the battle with two pistols, one of which is given to you by Brad and another you can find from a cop, or go into the battle with the sledgehammer or katana. Method one involves running through the Welcome sign and running toward the ice cream parlour, then turn 180 degrees and stand behind the boxes before you go into the seating section. There you can shoot Carlito but he can't hit you. Eventually he will run on top of the food places and you must turn and hide behind the boxes, strafing and shooting him.

Method 2 is to follow the beginning portion of one, except when you get to the boxes, run past them and climb ontop of the boxes that allow you to jump up to where Carlito is. Equip the sledgehammer or katana, then jump up when carlito is shooting at Brad or when he's reloading. Then just smash him, you'll take damage, but his flurry takes down one bar of health, so you should beat him and kill him with one bar of health left.

Hint - Jeep Inmates Tactics
Head to the North Mall across the park. Inside hunt around the shops that are under construction for the nail guns. You shouldn't need more than two. Go back out to the park the way you came in and the cutscene will play. Head to the trees near the Food Court and wait for the jeep to try and make a go for you.

If you stay in the tree area, the jeep should smack repeatedly into the trees, freeing up a major opportunity to nail gun the inmate on the machine gun from a safe distance.

Once he is down, nail gun the passenger, then finally the driver. Once all three are dead you can go examine the .50 Cal machine gun and dismount it. It holds about 200 rds and is extremely powerful (I used it to kill Carlito in one small burst). It is also extremely acurate (you can lightly squeeze the trigger quickly for single shot). One of the best weapons in the game!

Hint - Park Inmate Slaughter
Nine times out of ten when your escorting any survivors through the court yard you will have to deal with the extremely annoying and deadly inmates sporting around in there little jeep. Fortunately they are a little rusty on their driving skills and tend to run into walls.But that doesnt stop the inmate with the mount machine gun from unloading on you and your party of survivors.

The easiest way to defeat them is to go to the La Frescna Plaza and grab the Sub Machine Gun hidden in the Fountain. When you step out into the court yard immediately direct your party to run to the corner immediately to your right. then run left. wait for the jeep to run into the wall(because they will try to run you over) And concentrate all of your fire on the inmate firing the machine gun. It should take about 50 rounds and he's dead.

By now the jeep should already be backing up to make another go at you. dodgethe jeep just barely and right when the red "B" icon apears, quickly examine th e machine gun on the back. Now manually aim(with the large machine gun) and make short work of the other two inmates.

Hint - Uzi Locations
There are some reliably constant sources of Uzi's in the game (note -- unless you are doing Case 1.1, thses Uzis do not appear if you have one in stock already):

(1) The fountain in Al Fresca Plaza. Note, having an Uzi in stock will prevent this item from spawning when the Al Fresca map is loaded. It's best to complete the Case files until this area of the map is opened easily (assist Brad, fight Carlito #1 on day one).

(2) In Paradise Plaza, head up the stairs to level two (the stairs next to P113 Kids Choice Clothing). On the landing mid-way up the stairs, jump and mantle onto the blue store marquee. Follow the wall until you are over P116 (Shoe Kings). The Uzi's placement should be obvious.

(3) In the Food Court, locate F103 (Chris' Fine Foods). There is a signboard that has a cook's cariticature. Mantle onto the dining booth sidings, then mantle again onto the cariticature signboard. The Uzi should be on the top.

(4) The maintenance tunnel warehouse. This is the same room as the maintenance tunnel key. On the map, this room is underneath Leisure Park, and may be considered "just south east" of stall W107.

(5) In Wonderland Plaza in the play area by the maintenance tunnel entrance, you need to zombie ride to the toy playhouse. The uzi is on the house's roof.

(6) In the leisure park, goto the entrance of the parking lot, turn right & go to the corner there should be a tree with a rock under it, the Uzi is up in the tree.

(7) In Entrance Plaza, go near the escalators. You will need to use the Zombie Ride to reach it.

Hint - Drop No Damage
At level 25 (or so), Frank earns the knee drop (JUMP then JOYDOWN + BLUE). This move is useful in beating down enemies regardless if they are standing or lying down, but you can also do this move to avoid falling damage from heights.
Hint - Clown O'Path
The best way to beat that evil clown boss near the roller coaster is as follows:

1) Go get about 4 pistols from the fat zombie guards in that area of the mall. A container of OJ is good to have as well.

2) When the fight starts, run back down the stairs to the upper level and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE from him. He will start to blow up balloons of gas when you're far away.

3) Shoot him as he is blowing one up. The clown will drop the balloon. Shoot it while it's near him. He'll start coughing. Shoot away.

4) Repeat until he's dead. Watch out for zombies while you're fighting him, and NEVER try to melee him. After beating this boss, he'll leave a small chainsaw behind after he's dead. Pick it up before you switch off the coaster, because after the cutscene you'll find another at his body!

5) Final note, the hostage you save should be saved if you want to get the best ending. This hostage unlocks a "warp" between the Wonderland and Paradise bathrooms, letting you quickly move from one side of the mall to the next.

Hint: Frank Would Like To Eat Your Face
Frying pans are not used for cooking. Rather, you simply equip one and use it on a stove action point. Once the pan is visibly red, Frank can use a strong attack with the heated frying pan (hold BLUE) and melt the face off a zombie for a bonus 100 PP.

Hint - .50 Cal Respawn
Unverified. Ok, after you beat the three convicts in the jeep, you can re-spawn the jeep's gun by driving to another map (the maintenance tunnel map). When you load a new map, you reset the gun. However, you do not reset the damage done to the jeep, so dont hit too many zombies. You can have fun with the gun by driving back and fourth between the parking lot and the tunnels for Zombie Genocider.

Hint - Easy 100% Machinegun Accuracy
Unverified. Very simple. Get a special forces machine gun, then go to the Butcher's room (meat processing under Seon's grocery) and unload 150 shots on one piece of hanging meat. You will get Perfect Gunner unlocked!

If you've got a machinegun when you're doing the Bomb Run, you can easily attain the Perfect Gunner achievement by unloading the weapon into Carlito's delivery van.

Park your vehicle (I used the van) right next to one of the bomb vans and you'll be somewhat out of Carlito's line of fire when he's throwing grenades. Stand between your van and the bomb van and you should be able to get off the entire magazine with no problems.

You can also get a machinegun early through a survivor. Trade any weapon for Brett's machinegun when rescuing the survivors from the Huntin' Shack. If you manage to hang on to it until you can do either of the above exploits, you get the achievement.

Hint - Toy-Chainsaw ... Times 27
The clown's mini-chainsaw supposedly exists in three categories of items -- blades, construction, and toy. Luckily, there are three books that triple toughness of those item classes. Taken together, the small chainsaw becomes a very tough weapon (almost unbreakable). The books you want are in P101 (toy magazine), P108 (engineering book), and W204 (criminology book). Although you need to have four slots to make this weapon work, Frank will have a nearly unbreakable melee weapon for any mode.

Hint - Food Court Carlito
I found a simple and easy tactic to stop Carlito's reign of fire on the Food Court in the Case 'Backup for Brad'. First get a Stun Gun ready! Get behind the Wild West set up where Carlito is covering. Climb up the boxes to his level and take cover behind the corner of the fake building where he stands. He will relise your location quikly so have the stun gun ready. As he rounds the corner to shoot get him with the stun gun! This will stop him and deplete his health completly without a strong resistance!

Occasionally, a stun gun is created from destroying cardboard boxes. You can destroy them if you have the roundhouse (and sweep) kick, or the knee drop (level 25).

Hint - Grocery Clerk
Obtain a sword (not a katana) from the Cutlery Store (it's next to grocery store). You need to break the glass to access the action point. When the grocery psychopath comes at you with the cart, jump up on top of a shelf. Jump and press BLUE as you fly through the air. Because Frank is using the sword and not the katana, he will do a downward thrust with the sword instead of a kick. Swing a couple more times and jump back up. Repeat as needed and the boss will be dead in no time.

Hint - Easy PP Task (Hangers)
For some quick and easy PP early on, find any of the circular clothes racks in the mall (there is one in the Shooting Star Sporting Goods on the second floor in Entrance Plaza -- stall E207). Take any weapon (i.e., a hockey stick) and nick the side of the clothes rack to send it spinning, then hit it the other way. Both clockwise and counterclockwise yield some quick and easy PPs!

Hint - Easy Karate Achievement
Go to the maintenance tunnels and make sure you have the Double Lariat skill (L3 + BLUE while Frank is motionless). Go into any big group of zombies and use this skill. The best place to do this is the area where Carlito's (usable) white truck is (it's the northwest corner of the tunnel area). Once you kill all the zombies in that area go into the butcher room and go back out and all the zombies will be back. It will take about then (real time) minutes to get the achievement. If you run low on life, you can always use the white van to head to an exit and come back later.
Submitted by dtkdemon
Hint - PP Exploit (Special Forces In Warehouse)
If you are back at your base early waiting for the helicopter there's a nice easy way to level up. Make sure to have some guns with you, make your way up to the top of the warehouse and you can shoot down all the federal agents patrolling below without them shooting you. Each guy is worth 5000 PP. Whenever you run out of ammo (or guys to shoot), just jump down and grab some of the machine guns they leave behind, take the elevator back up and do it again to a fresh batch of unsuspecting AI.

Hint - Ending Requirements
These are the requirments needed in 72 hour mode to unlock different endings. The farther down the alphabet an ending is, the worst ending you have (i.e., 'F' would be the worst and 'A' would be the best).

Ending A ... Solve all cases. Talk to Isabella at 10 AM and return to the heliport at 12 noon on Sept. 22nd.

Ending B ... Don't solve all cases but be at the heliport on time.

Ending C ... Solve all cases but do not talk to Isabella at 10 AM on the last day.

Ending D ... Remain a prisoner of the Special Forces by 12 noon on Sept. 22nd.

Ending E ... Don't be at the heliport and don't solve all cases.

Ending F ... Do not collect all of Carlito's bombs during case 7-2. You do have to successfully complete all the cases up to this point.

Hint - Chopper Smashing
Having trouble taking aim at the chopper while zombies are constantly harrassing you? Try doing the Zombie Ride to jump on top of the shelter in the park. That way, the zombies can't bite you. When you are up there, there is also some glitch where the helicopter is unable to shoot you very well. I think it's because the chopper aims at Frank as if he was standing on the ground.

I was only shot maybe twice while on top of the shelter. Take your machinegun or the Real Mega Buster and aim toward the helicopter when it is about to come straight at you. Once it starts its approach, turn around 180 degrees, aim straight up toward the sky and start shooting your weapon. You should be able to hit the rotor within a couple tries. You really only need to land one good shot, so if you use this technique, all you have to do is line your shots up right and you will hit the chopper as it passes over you. Just aim straight for the center when it starts coming towards you, then quickly turn around 180 degrees, (hold down to turn around completely) then aim for the sky and start shooting.

Submitted by Lee_Hubanks

Forget to destroy the military helicopter and now all the zombies are dead (Day 3)? There is still a way to get on the shelter without using the Zombie Walk! Go to the parking lot located far west on your Mall Map. Get in the red car and drive to the shelter.

Once the car is near the shelter, a glitch will happen where if you position Frank under the edge of the shelter roof and jump, he will grab on to the ledge and pull himself up. It has worked every time I've tried.

I was shot about five times on top, but it was worth it because the helicopter misses most of the time. Everything else about destroying the helicopter is pretty much covered in the hint above this one, and it works very well.

Hint - Shocking For Dollars
Provided you have a high enough damage level (say 15 to 20), you can use stun guns to immobilize the grocery psycho. When he gets over to you, pop-out without getting close to the cart and just hold the Stun Gun on him for maybe no more than 5 or 6 seconds. The boss will be dead or darn close to it.

Unlockable Mega Buster
Unlike other useless achievements, The Zombie Genocider achievement (kill 53'594 zombies) unlocks Rockman's Mega Buster in the security office. Once this achievement is accomplised, let your current mode run down (72 Hour Mode is best). Once the credits roll, the unlockable will appear and you can save it to your gamertag profile. Frank can stock the weapon, but can only carry one at a time.

Saints Row Cheats

Saints Row Online Strategy Guide
Welcome to the dirty world of Saints Row, where shotguns, rival gangs, and liquor bottles are commonplace. Whether you've just begun your hoodlum career or need help rising the upper ranks of gang life, our guide's got you covered.
In this Saints Row strategy guide, you'll find:

BASICS // Advanced combat tips and info on stores and their locations.
WALKTHROUGH // Complete Saints Row walkthrough with strategies for all main missions and tips for the extra stuff, to boot.
VEHICLES // Car check list to help you complete your collection.
SECRETS // Achievements, passcode cheats, and more.
Get the Saints Row Online Strategy Guide

Cheat List
Unverified. You must pause the game and hold down the L or the R TRIGGER. This will access the phone. Select DIAL, then enter and CALL:
Ambulace (Restores Health) 911
Brown Baggers 555-3765
Eagleline Yellow (Taxi Service)(555) 018-0174
Eye for an Eye Voodoo 555-5966
Give money #66639
God's Wrath (lightning strikes randomly) #10
Police level reduced #nocops
Gang level reduced #no gangs
Grounds for Divorce 555-9473
Infinite Ammo #AMMO
Infinite Sprint #SPRINT
Legal Lee's 555-9467
Lik-a-Chick 555-3863
On the Fence (Pawn Shop) 555-7296
On The Rag Clothing 555-5926
Rim Jobs 555-3493
Stocks 555-2626
Suicide Hotline 1-555-ITS-OVER
The Dead Cow 555-6238
TNA Taxi Service 555-455-8008
GameStop T-Shirt #42637867

#Rocket ... Activates RPG cheat
#AS12Riot ... Activates Riotgun cheat
#K6Krukov ... Activates Krukov cheat
#12Gauge ... Activates 12gauge cheat
#Tombstone ... Activates Tombstone cheat
#T3KUrban ... Activates Urban cheat
#GDHC50 ... Activates GDHC 50 cheat
#Shepherd ... Activates .44 Shepherd cheat
#NR4 ... Activates NR4 cheat
#Pipebomb ... Activates Pipe Bomb cheat
#Vice9 ... Activates Vice9 cheat
#Knife ... Activates Knife cheat
#Molotov ... Activates Molotov Cocktail cheat
#Grenade ... Activates Hand Grenades cheat
911 ... Slow life regeneration (?)
#42637867 ... Gamestop/EBGames t-shirt (costume)
555 018 0174 ... Access Eagleline Yellow (Taxi Service)
555 455 8008 ... Access TNA Taxi Service
555 5966 ... Access Eye for an Eye Voodoo
555 7296 ... Access On the Fence (Pawn Shop)
555 3863 ... Access Lik-a-Chick
555 6238 ... Access The Dead Cow
555 3493 ... Access Rim Jobs
555 9467 ... Access Legal Lee's
555 9473 ... Access Grounds for Divorce
555 5926 ... Access On The Rag Clothing
#SPRINT ... Activates Infinite Sprint
#66639 ... Activates money accruement
#AQUA ... Activates and spawns an Aqua car
#AMMO ... Activates infinite ammo
#10 ... Activates random lightning strikes
555 3765 ... Access Brown Baggers
1 555 ITS OVER ... Access Suicide Hotline
555 2626 ... Access Stocks
555 2445 ... Guy in chicken suit (?)

Note that the in-game cheats (i.e., Pipe Bomb cheat) must be toggled on the in-game cheat menu. Toggling cheats on will remove the possibility of earning gamertag achievements. Simply toggle off cheats and reboot the game to continue earning achievements.

Corrections by Frank_West02, BPMorris2, jon-sarah, will_rlsa
Cheat - Car List
Unverified. Go to your phone and put in each of these seperatly and they will got to your garage.

The second list are vehicles you cannot store in your car park.


Unlockable: "Atrazione" Exotic Car
You must finish all 3 Hitman Activities.

Unlockable: 10% Stamina Boost
You must collect Vice Kings tags.

Unlockable: Permanent 50% discount at Friendly Fire

Unlockable: 10% Stamina Boost
You must collect Westside Rollerz tags.

Hint - Gunshop Follies
I have noticed that sometimes when you enter a gun shop from the back, the people drop the gun's they are holding and leave. Leaving the guns on the ground. I found this works best when there are 2 or more people in the shop. Another way is to go into a store and kill the people with soemthing else, take the guns and run off the cops if needed.

Hint - Zip Guns For Free
If you enter Rim Job's in the starting area, make the shop keeper set off the alarm by firing your gun. The police will come to take you away but the uniforms apparently can't enter the garage.

This is great (unless it is patched). You can hide on the corners and pick off the police as much as you like and they can't touch you. The only time you are in danger will be if you're in the open. Once your health gets low, just duck back behind the corner and heal up.

This is a cheap and easy way to get weapons and ammo for free. After killing a few cops, wait for a break in the action and then dash out and scoop up the weapons and cash they've left behind. I managed to max out on pistol rounds, shotgun shells and SWAT rifle ammo in almost no time at all. Once you've had enough you can run into the office and wait out your wanted timer until the cops leave. How's that for street smarts?

Hint - Insurance Fraud Payout
You have to fall into or Under moving cars, not just fall to the ground unless you only want a few hundred dollars.

One of the key things to look for after the first few levels is the freeway. The UI leads you close to an overpass on a lot of the 100k levels.

Jump off the overpass and run at a car or truck. As soon as you are about to make contact, dive. If you do it right, it will not look like you dove at all and you will rake up 30K each try.

Also on some of the street ones, I park my car to block one land to force the traffic into the center. Here you can run straight at a car and dive directly into it. I got huge points even diving into cars not going fast.

Also, you can get a police car before starting the Insurance Fraud activity. Having a civic vehicle involved in the accident is an automatic multiplier, and it's very durable and goes pretty fast, so it's not too tough to launch through the windshield as you hit on-coming traffic. With witnesses and hitting another on-coming car as you fly out giving you air bonuses and distance bonuses, it's possible to clear level 8 with just one hit.

There are several multipliers that when stacked correctly can add up to HUGE point payouts, allowing you to easily dispatch the Insurance Fraud 'extra' in no time at all.

The multipliers are as follows -- Vehicle, Witness, Hang Time, Vehicle Eject, Civil Vehicle and Distance.

Using the following method I scored 134,200.00 in one accident. The key is the civil vehicle multiplier. Steal a police car, build as much speed as possible and ram head on into traffic (for huge numbers you must be ejected from the windshield). For every other vehicle your body hits after going through the windshield the vehicle modifier doubles.

So if you were to ram head on into another vehicle and are ejected you will receive both the 'vehicle' and 'eject' mods, if your body hits another vehicle you gain another 'vehicle' mod. Every combo of a particular multiplier doubles the mod.

For the situation above you would receive a a x2 vehicle mod, another x4 vehicle mod, a x5 vehicle eject mod PLUS any 'witness', 'hang time', 'distance' and the all important 'Civil Vehicle' mod.

I had no witnesses and only hit one other car on my way through the windshield and I scored 134,200 points on my first try! Addendum by Hewhoisiam06422
Hint - Hitman Target Selection
Unverified. You don't have to spend hours driving around looking for a specific person. All you have to do is find an NPC that looks like a target from your list anywhere in the city (For example, a person in a hotdog suit).

Your chances of finding a character of that type are increased if they are not selected in your HUD. Once you find a qualifying individual, open your activities window and make them the active target, then kill them in the specified manner.

You'll still have to draw the police guys out by getting law enforcement attention.

Hint - Making Armed Robbery Work For You
To get a bit more money from hold-ups in the various shops located around the city, make sure to hit up the cash registers on your way out. And if you do it MY way, you'l get away with no police attention.

Get the money from the safe and kill the clerk. Make sure that you kill them with melee weapons and not by shooting them or there's a good chance you'll set the alarm off. If there's anyone else in the store (I've only done this with 1 patron, not 2), do them the same way. Beat the snot out of them to make sure they can't set off the alarm and then take one of your guns and shoot the registers. At least ONE of them will always drop some bills and change.

If you're going to do this, make sure you don't have a homie with you that may pull out their gun and start shooting. Once they fire their weapon, the police will be notified.

Unlockable - Zombie Lin Homie
After the leader of the Westside Rollerz missions dies, you can have her come back as a zombie. Be sure to have a Reaper vehicle in the garage. Call Eye for an Eye (5555966) and you add her as a party member. She drives a hearse, beats people with her own arm, and sometimes eat a dead body also.

Correction by risner827
Hint - Money And How To Farm It
Find an armored car, take it to one of your cribs and store it. Go to the nearest Friendly Fire and buy a crap load of pipe bombs, head back and take the armored car out (and blow it up). Usually a few thousand bucks will come out. However, since you stored the truck in your garage, you can just keep buying it back for 500 bucks and the money will be there every time. This is a good way to get the penny pincher achievement and hoard some cash on the side.

After the armored car explodes and it drops the money(Armored Car is inside your garage on fire), you sprint out to the garage selection screen quickly choose the Armor car repair selection repair it before the garage door closes.

The car will be bugged and will explode upon getting hit once (Spawns with no health). So you can easily destroy every car every 3 seconds for a quick-earn money. It's to prevent you from getting 12 ammo of shotgun shells everytime you try and explode an Armored Car.

Addendum by d6661
Easter Egg - Street Soccer
This is a fun and easy easter egg. First you have to be able to find the rollers mantion. (Uncle Will's) Its located West and if you have unlocked this as your crib it should be even more easy.
Go to the mantion then go to the back with the garage or you can just try to find a easy was on the roof. then get to the top wher you see a chiminy. get in the chiminy and ther is a soccer ball waiting for you. you can have fun just by kicking it around!

Hint - Easy Safe Packages
Unverifed. If you go to a store before it closes you'll notice that when you walk in, the door is left open. Stay in the store for a while and look around buy what you want. Leave the building through the door you came through but don't walk so far away that the door is out of view. Head back to the door and there should be a boot print on one door and the other door should still be open. The store clerk will be gone. When you hit the safe there should be no alarm and no cops. You're good to go. Pack up your vehicle and head to the pawn shop.

Hint - Car Warp
Instead of wasting time going in a car through the door, all need to do is hop on top of the car and press YELLOW you will be instantly teleported into the driver's seat. This really helps when stuck in a shoot out and you need to leave quickly.

Glitch - City Sights, City Lights
This glitch can be used in single player.This will allow you to get on tall buildings. This glitch wont really help you but its a fun glitch to do. Find a police car. Then find a large building with a flat wall(may be hard to find one but there are some).

Manage to get the police car side ways on the wall. You can usually do this by ramming the wall with the side of your car. Once you do this, drive forward and up. You will begin to climb the wall. Once you reach the top edge of the building, the car will lean forward. When it does then get out -- sometimes the car will not make it up with you. Now you will be at the top of the building, and if it is tall enough you can view thw whole city all around. Enjoy!

Over G Fighters Cheats

Unlockable: F-16C
Beat any mission in area 2 to unlock the F-16C for use in scenario mode.

Unlockable: F-117A
You must complete tactical mission 1 in area 4. You can use it in scenario mode.

Unlockable: F-15C Fighter
Finish the sub-mission 5 in area 4.

Unlockable: F-15E
You must complete tactical mission 1 in area 6. This will unlock F-15E in scenario mode.

Unlockable: F-16AM
You must complete Sub-mission 6 in Area 6.

Correction by simalcrum
Unlockable: F-22A
You must complete Sub-mission 10 in Area 7.

Unlockable: F-35B
Complete any optional mission in Area 7.

Correction by simalcrum
Unlockable: F/A-18 Hornet
Complete sub-mission 7 in area 2.

Unlockable: Jas39A
Finish sub-mission 4 in area 5.

Unlockable: Mig-29G
Complete Sub-mission 10 in Area 4.

Unlockable: Su-27
You must complete tactical mission 2 in area 5.

Unlockable: F-18E
You must complete the Sub-mission 7 in Area 3.

Unlockable: T/F-18
You must complete the Area 3 Training Mission.

Unlock Hell Difficulty
Unlock Hell Mode difficulty by clearing the game on Expert difficulty.
Unlockable: F-2A
You must complete the Sub-mission 9 in Area 3.

Unlockable: F/A-18F SuperHornet
You must beat Saviola in Big Boss mode.

Unlockable: F-2 Blue Impulse
You must complete sub-mission 9 in area 3.

Unlockable: X-35C
You must complete 2 areas in hell mode.

Unlockable: SU_33
You must defeat Michael.

Cloning Clyde Cheats

Unlockable: Mutant-Clyde
Beat the game.

Unlockable: Chicken Gamerpic
Finish the training levels.

Madden NFL 07 Cheats

Madden NFL 07 Online Strategy Guide
Madden NFL 07 is one of the biggest games of 2007 (as any Madden game is for whatever particular year), and you just knew IGN Guides would be here to help you. After all, it's what we do best.
NFL fans will have a lot to salivate over this year - some new game options, crisp graphics and a deep and enjoyable franchise mode will keep you busy for a long time. Of course, Madden games don't come easily to everyone. That's where we come in. In this guide, you will find some comprehensive outlines to what the game has to offer, including a section that'll catch you up on your football basics (Football 101), your offense and defense, and even some information on each of the NFL teams.

It's that time of year, my friends, and the sweet scent of pigskin permeates the air. Whether you're an old-time Madden player or new to the series, whether you know everything there is to know about football or have never seen the game played in your life, you will find help within this guide. So grab your helmet, review your playbook, and jump into the fray. It's football season, and IGN Guides is here to help.

In this Madden NFL 07 strategy guide, you'll find:

BASICS // Introductory run-down of the basics of Madden NFL 07.
FOOTBALL 101 // Tips on playing individual positions, along with strategies for general game flow.
OFFENSE // Passing, rushing and other tips round out our guide to the most important part of football.
DEFENSE // Pointers to strengthen your game on the other side of the scrimmage line.
TEAMS // Run-down of every team in the NFL with tips on the strengths and weaknesses of each one.

Hint - Achievement Ease
Unverified. To achieve achievements do the following:

Select every single team in Franchise mode and just simply sim everything. Throughout the entire season anyone who breaks "GAME" and "SEASON" record achievements will count for you they get unlocked.

Also, if you sim seasons your overall madden level will go up anywhere to 2 - 3 levels a season. Once the Superbowl and Pro Bowl are done just exit and go to "Play Now" Select no for save and then restart. You can easily get to Madden level 40 in about two hours and unlock almost every achievement. This also works for your SuperStar character.

Hint - Free Training Points (Defensive Players)
You can automatically get max 7 training points before each game in franchise mode, on an Xbox 360. It seems to only work for defensive players and I'm not sure why.

Pick 3 defensive players to train and choose Bench Press ALL-MADDEN for all 3 regardless of position and ability. As soon as you see the first guy on the bench, push START and choose QUIT. The game will ask you are you sure, you'll lose progress so say YES.

When the game exits to the next screen, all 3 guys will have 7 free points to add. It may be patched down the road, so use it or lose it!

Mutant Storm Reloaded Cheats

Unverified. Press the A and X buttons simultaneously when operating your guy and you skip the current level and toggle invulnerability on. No gamertag points are accrued if this cheat is activated.

Fight Night Round 3 Cheats

Fight Night Round 3 Online Strategy Guide
Ladies and gentlemen, let's get ready to rumble! EA Sports brings you the latest and possibly greatest boxing series to ever hit the consoles in Fight Night Round 3. While the PS2 version is similar in look and play to the previous game, the Xbox 360 version of Fight Night Round 3 features an unprecedented level of realism with stunning graphics and online play via Xbox Live! For X360 owners, this is the game that you'll need to purchase to show off to your friends how awesome your shiny new console really is!
In this guide, you'll find everything that you need to become the top prize fighter in the world. We've even included some tips when fighting online!

In this Fight Night Round 3 strategy guide, you'll find:

Basics: Learn the basics of fighting, as well as some good strategies
Career Mode: Work your way up the ladder and become king of the world!
Online Mode: Read up on secrets and strategies to take on the rest of the universe!
Secrets: Find out what treasures you can find in Fight Night Round 3!


Burger King Achievement for 100 points: Beat The BK Invitational Fight.
Dodge Achievement for 100 points: Beat the Dodge sponsored fight.
EA SPORTS Achievement for 150 points: Beat any EA SPORTS sponsored fight.
ESPN FNF Achievement for 150 points: Beat any ESPN Friday Night Fight event.
ESPN PPV Achievement for 150 points: Beat any ESPN Pay Per View fight event.
ESPN WNF Achievement for 150 points: Beat any ESPN Wednesday Night Fight event.
Everlast Achievement for 100 points: Beat the Everlast sponsored fight
Under Armour Achievement for 100 points: Beat the Under Armour sponsored fight.

Test Drive Unlimited Cheats

Unlockable: Editor Mode
You must get Pro status.

Unlockable: Photo mode
You must obtain Amateur level.

Unlockable: The Reward
You must obtain Expert level. That's 180 achievement points.

Unlockable: The Legendary Record
You must get to Champion level. That's 450 achievement points.

Unlockable: Chronopack
Purchase your second vehicle.

Unlockable: Bike Showrooms
Go to all the car showrooms on the island.

Unlockable: May the Best Man Win
You must get to Champion level. That's 450 achievement points.

Unlockable: Cars
Alfa Romeo 8c Competizione: You must beat the Tour of the Island race.
All Challenges ope: You must get Champion rank.
Chrysler Firepower Concept car: Complete all Courier driving missions.
Chrysler ME Four-Twelve: You must finish all Race challenges with Golds.
Ford Island: Achieve Expert rank.
Ford Mustang GT-R Concept: You must finish all Vehicle Transpot driving missions.
Ford Shelby Cobra Concept: You must finish all Top Model driving missions.
Ford Shelby GR-1 Concept: You must finish all Speed challenges with Golds.
Volkswagen W12 Coupe: You must finish all Time challenges with Golds.
Volkswagen W12 Roadster: You must finish all Hitch-Hiker driving missions.
Walmaealamae Haven of Peace: Discover all roads on the island and you will be given this house.

Hint - Median Exploitation
If you have 2 long roads beside each other, with a thin grass median in between the roads, you can use the instant challenges, and the computer player will follow the road, while you can just drive over the grass and finish in about 10 seconds.

Hint - N00Bs Starting Cash
The easiest way to make money early in the game are the "Delivery Missions". Most of the early ones start out at $80,000. And if you can deliver the car in perfect condition you get a big bonus. Plus there is no time limit on these missions so you can take as long as you want to get from point A to point B. I made enough money from 6 - 8 delivery missions to buy a second house and 4 more cars and I still have around $200,000 to play with.

The added benefit to these missions is to force you to drive more and learn the various qualities of each road and track on the island. Experience with the game is no substitute for a huge bank balance!

Hint - N00b Cash #2
There is a challenge at the South East corner of the island, which requires you to top 140 miles per hour on a winding road.

When the challenge starts, simply spin the car round (after making sure you pass the start line), and head to the road behind you. There's no finish line, so by turning left or right you're on a nice straight road where you can hit 140 in about 10 to 15 seconds, then just hit the A button to finish.

You make $10k for doing this, in less than 30 seconds, then can simply repeat to make some quick easy cash!

Hint - Key Location Detection
Even if you didn't unlock things yet, you can zoom into the map as far as it will go and look for black squares. Places such as clothing shops, vehicle showfloors, and many other places show up as a black square. Just set your marker and go check it out!

Hint - Who Wants To Exploit A Millionaire?
When you reach Expert level a new timed race will show up called "The Millionaires Challenge" which is a $1,000,000 race... The best way to win this race is to buy a MV Agusta motorcycle, and upgrade it to level 3. Then you can race the race with only a type "A" car, or motorcycle. You can do the race as many times that you wish. I earn about $30,000,000 a day on there, and now have around $150,000,000 and 12 houses with 56 cars. It is a 60 minute race and I finish it in about 49 minutes... So have fun making a lot of money!

Hint - N00B Cash #3
In the bottom right hand section of the island is a race called "170mph in heavy traffic". You can do this race over and over and get $15,000 every time.

When you become a champion, there is another race called "180mph in heavy traffic" in the middle of the map; the reward is $70,000 and again you can do this as many times as you want.

If you're driving a stage 3 Enzo, this race takes about 15 seconds, which means you'll have $1 million in about 10 minutes, so dont waste your time doing the millionaire's challenge anymore.

Hint - NOOB Cash #4
If you are a champion and own at Ford GT with a level 3 tune-up, you can enter the Ford "Ford day" Race to the left of the Honolulu Airport.

The Race gives you $75'000 every time you win, and the race only takes about a minute. So just restart every time you cross the finishline, and in about 10 minutes will have made $750'000.

The Godfather Cheats

Cheat: Full ammo

Cheat: Full Health

Cheat: $5000

Unlockable: All Movies
Pause the game and enter Y,X,Y,X,X LEFT ANALOG STICK.

Unlockable: Dillinger
You must purchase 3rd upgrade for Tommy Gun.

Unlockable: Street Sweeper
You must purchase 3rd upgrade for Shotgun.

Unlockable: Luca's Demise Clip
You must get 30 Film Reels.

Hint - Easy Cash And Respect
Just another tedious farming method. If you happen to find a racket truck outside your safe house(s), start a ruckus by shooting it so the truck's back door opens. Whack the goons, take the money left over, and interrogate the driver. Head back to your safe house and save the game. Heading back outside afterwards, another racket truck might spawn/appear allowing you to repeat the process.

Unlock Film Clips
Unverified. On career progress, input YELLOW, BLUE, YELLOW, BLUE, BLUE, L3.

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Cheats

Unlock Ermac, Human Smoke, Mileena (ARC)
xblnss How to unlock the three hidden characters in Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3.

1. First of all, you're going to need two control pads.

2. Activate your second control pad and enter arcade mode, with any character, and on any difficulty setting.

3. Lose your first match and allow the timer to count all the way down.

4. After the timer hits zero, you'll be taken to a screen, where you will be able to enter codes. Each block in here corresponds with a button on the Xbox 360 control pad. You'll have 10 seconds to enter the code that you wish, so you'll have to be quick.

5. You have to hit each button on your control pads, in correspondence with the number at the side.
To unlock 'Classic Sub-Zero'
Control Pad 1
Y: 8
A: 1
RB: 8
B: 3
X: 5
Control Pad 2
Y: 8
A: 1
RB: 8
B: 3
X: 5
The combination is the same for both control pads, it's kind of tricky to hit the same combination at the same time on two different pads though.
To unlock 'Ermac'
Control Pad 1
Y: 1
A: 2
RB: 3
B: 4
X: 4
Control Pad 2
Y: 4
A: 4
RB: 3
B: 2
X: 1
The combination to unlock Ermac is by far the trickiest of the three, as the number of times that you have to hit the buttons on each control pad is different.
To unlock 'Mileena'
Control Pad 1
Y: 2
A: 2
RB: 2
B: 6
X: 4
Control Pad 2
Y: 2
A: 2
RB: 2
B: 6
X: 4

F.E.A.R. Cheats

F.E.A.R. Online Strategy Guide
You are a rookie member of the First Encounter Assault Recon team and your boss is already sending you out into the field alone. All you know is that a man going by the name of Paxton Fettel is controlling an army telepathically and you need to take him down. Of course, if a man can control an entire army, then you know he is going to mess with your mind more than a little bit.
F.E.A.R is one of the scariest and bloodiest games in existence. You're going to need a strong stomach and nerves of steel to make it through this tale alive. You can calm your little gaming self down because IGN Guides is here to help.

Look inside the guide for:

Basics: Info on how to stay alive and enemy recon.
G.E.A.R: A complete rundown of all of the items and weapons in the game.
Boosters: The locations of all of the health and reflex boosters are here.
Walkthrough: A complete guide to surviving the single player experience.
Multiplayer: Read here for help on dominating the world.
Secrets: Cheaters unite (and get free stuff).

Monday, February 5, 2007

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Cheats

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Online Strategy Guide
You're a naive farmboy from the rustbelt who has headed off to Los Angeles with stars in your eyes and a beat-up skateboard under your arms. Your goal: to become known throughout the land as the top-dog of the board and wheels. But before you start walkin' around like you're the daddy-mack, take a look around hotshot. You're in the city that's witnessed the greatest legends of this, the sport of kings. And furthermore, you'll need to prove to them that you're not just some old hee-haw that doesn't know his Nollie Impossible from his Switch Kickflip. Do you have what it takes to make even the best take a step back and say, "Whoa"?
Turns out, you do! IGN Guides is here just in the nick of time to show you how to bust those moves and stick those combos with finesse. Feeling a little sheepish? Stop by Basics to see how to take care of the crucial stuff. Smashed a few controllers against the wall in frustration trying to complete a mission? Head on over to Story Mode to soothe your frazzled nerves. Wanna breeze through the game, old school style? Step right on up to Classic Mode. Got gaps? No? No problem. Head over to Gaps to see what you would call a "complete listing." Got a question that's just burning through your skull trying to get out and wreck havoc? Avoid making a big mess on your brand new couch by heading over to Q&A to handle it. Can't get enough of that extra stuff? Who can? Go to Secrets and all shall be revealed. Gotta get something off your chest or just want to see what used to be on other people's chests? Go to Boards to make it happen.

No matter where you come from or where you are, IGN Guides has got your back to the fullest. We just hope you don't hate receiving high praise from only the best skaters in the world.

Get the Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Online Strategy Guide

Unlockable: Mindy
Input help1nghand in the cheat menu.

Unlockable: Jason Ellis
Input sirius-DJ on the cheat menu to shred as Jason Ellis.

Unlockable: Mat Hofman
Input the_condor on the cheat menu.

Unlockable: Bails N' Burns 1 of 2
Clear Classic mode.

Unlockable: Bails N' Burns 2 of 2
Achieve 100% completed in Story Mode.

Unlockable: Dev-Team Skates
Achieve 100% completed in Classic Mode.

Unlockable: American Wasteland
Clear Story Mode.

Unlockable: Baller
Achieve 100 percent completion in Story mode.

Hint: Marseille Secrets
Go to the middle of the grassy area and locate the smallest tree there. A light post stands near it. Make your skater graze the tree and it will fall onto the wall and reveal a secret area. (Unverified).

Hint: Beverly Hills Record - 10 points
You must achieve a High Score in Beverly Hills.

Hint: Chicago Record - 10 points
You must achieve a High Score in Chicago.

Hint: Casino Record - 10 points
You must achieve a High Score in Casino.

Easter Egg: Goatse
Ever notice that in every T.H.U.G game there were people messing with goats? In Wasteland you'll find the goat scene in Hollywood. Go to where the skate shop is in Hollywood. Skate up the QP to the left and into the pool. Then grind or grab onto the third rail, going left. Jump onto a little corner and bash the crack wall with your board. You will find the goat on the bed and a oil rig worker.

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Cheats

Unlockable: Second Skin for Spy
You must obtain RECRUIT level in multiplayer.

Unlockables: Endings
Best: You must end with NSA trust above 33 percent. Save at least two of the three targets.
Standard: You must end with NSA trust below 33 percent. Save the three targets, or kill two of the three targets with NSA trust above 33%.
Weak: You must end with NSA trust below 33 percent. Kill all three targets, or kill two of the targets.

Unlockable: Spy Third Skin
You must get SPECIAL AGENT level.
Unlockable: All Multiplayer maps
You must win 6 games as a Spy, 6 games as a UPSILON Force member, and participate in 25 games overall.

Unlockable: Electric Lock Pick
You must finish the primary objectives in JBA HQ 1.

Hack Times (Spies VS Mercs)
Hacking times for one bar, two bars, and three bars of proximity are vastly different. Use the listed times in conjunction with your remaining match time to best gauge what your next course of action should be.

Note for some challenges where your spy needs to hack all four terminals for a single objective file, the times remain relevant (but for 100% of that terminal's data).

Proximity Bar x1 = 100 seconds (real time)
Proximity Bar x2 = 50 seconds (real time)
Proximity Bar x3 = 25 seconds (real time)
Hint - Mercs Direct Increase
You can artificially increase the merc's skills in range and gadgetry offline (since all you do is run around in a custom SysLink match with no opposition).

To increase your Direct skill, you can put in merc bots and corner them -- sometimes they continuously run out a narrow dorrway you can exploit. By doing the Berserk attack (L3 - or click LEFTJOY) you slowly build the direct stat.

If you and five friends have 20 minutes to kill, set-up a private session and (by gentlemen's agreement -- not 'Vestibule' agreement) berserk and headbutt the spies to their final life before letting them run around stealthily for their stealth increase or just rapidly for athletics skill increase. Overall gain makes everyone happy.

Call of Duty 3 Cheats

Call of Duty 3 Online Strategy Guide
Wake up, soldier! You’ve been called in for duty, and this ain’t no place for slackers. You’re going to be trudging through mud, taking cover behind trees, and using leaves for, well you know - and that’s only if you don’t take a bullet in your brain-basket the moment you head out. War is no picnic, so don’t go crying for mommy to kiss your wounds.
To aid in your mission, an all-inclusive training program has been crafted to make sure your fighting abilities are up to snuff. While we can’t guarantee your survival, proper application of the techniques covered in training will give you the best shot you’ve got.

Your training sessions are as follows:

Boot Camp
It is your job – no - your duty to ensure our success in this war. Move it out, soldier

Phantasy Star Universe Cheats

Unlockable: Extra Mode
Finish Chapter 4 of Story Mode.

Hint - Unlock Biochemical Items
After you complete a level such as a free mission, you notice your rank. If you get an 'S' rank (1000 total points) You get get special Biochemical Items for Item Creations by 'Pete'. You get a different item for every mission. On the Mission were you have to Kill De Ragen you get the Biochemical Item 'DE Ragen'.

Hint - Easy Meseta Making Scheme
This only works for levels 15+! Once you get to level 15, do the "Ruler of the Plains" mission from the Parum flyer base. To get an 'S' you need to kill all monsters and the dragon in under I believe 7 minutes. On the first cave entrance, go to the left and kill the two dragons, this always had me get an 'A' if i didn't. The rest is easy. A hint for the De Ragan slaying, get rising strike to level 11 and push Y right after it finishes to use a special combo.

Attack the dragon in front of its chest by its neck: you will do triple damage hitting his neck, chest and feet. If you get a good sword you can hit up to 1,000 damage per combo. This way, you can kill the De Ragan before it can attack like I did. If you get an 'S', you should receive a De Ragan which is a head decor or a +8 to all Partner Machine stats but also -8 to attack. YOu might also receive other items like technics or discs. You make about 10k meseta from one run. Or if you don't sell the head you get about 5k Meseta because the De Ragan decor is worth 5k to a shop vendor. I personally used it all and just kept doing the mission until I ended up with about 600k. Wasn't too hard took me about an hour of gameplay.

Hint - Partner Machine Levels
Your partner machine can evolve at certain levels. I did some testing and I discovered that the levels are production level 10, 20, and 30. 10 and 20 just do better synthesis, while 30 allows your PM to go into battle. Be careful, the stats which you give to your PM will determine what it looks like, how it fights, and what weapon it uses. I ended up with a mini-tooth-fairy looking little girl with a shotgun. It does a 200, 200, and another 200 on a direct hit on the De Ragan. I recommend buying Carline which does all stats +8 except attack, and normal Photons which do +2 for everything except -2 for armor. If a stat is leveled with now red XP it cannot back level so it can't reduce stats.

Hint - Easy Extra Mode
This is for lower level characters, a keen way to get your guys started. Once you unlock Extra mode, progress through story mode until you get Maya, Kerin's sister.

Save and quit.

Now load Extra mode. Right from the start you will have access to all four of the NPC's in story mode on EXTRA. Party Nav, Maya, and Kerin. Go to the Linear Line platform and do the first quest. When done, SELL EVERYTHING AND DEPOSIT YOUR MESETA. Run the quest again until you hit level 5. This time you should have enough meseta to buy a better weapon, or armor.

Now go to Parim and do the mission that requires lvl 5 or better, and take all but Maya. Run the quest until you're happy with your (mid-range) level (about level 15 to 19).

Perfect Dark Zero Cheats

Perfect Dark Zero Online Strategy Guide
You're secret agent Joanna Dark. The year is 2020, and the corporations have finally taken the world hostage in a stranglehold. It's time to take back what belongs to the people: the planet itself, and the freedom that comes with it. But with all of these trip-wires and laser, heat-sensitive security systems to bypass, what happens if you slip up? What happens if you're blown to smithereens all because you forgot the dodge that last bullet in the clip?
Hey now, don't crap out on us. We know you're up to the challenge, and we've got your back, you lucky Xbox 360 owner. After all, if we didn't write strategy guides, we'd be doing dishes in some fancy restaurant... or eating out of dumpsters. Needless to say, we enjoy writing these things. If you're paying off that recent credit card debt from that particular $299.99-399.99 purchase on November 22nd, you're chillin' with us in the Intro. If you're shooting your foot repeatedly, read our Basics section. Wanting to clear the game for those achievements? Sure ya do! Look at the Walkthrough. If you're looking to blow through the online competition, browse our Multiplayer section. Lastly, take a look-see at the Secrets.

In this Perfect Dark Zero strategy guide, you'll find:

Basic strategy to get you through the single player campaign.
Complete Perfect Dark Zero walkthrough with tips for conquering every mission.
Multiplayer strategy for all game modes.
Tactics specially designed for every multiplayer map.
You will win, because you've got IGN Guides. Now only if we could consolidate your debt... and ours...

Get the Perfect Dark Zero Online Strategy Guide

Unlockable: Dark Agent
Finish the game in Perfect Agent mode.
Unlockable: CMP-150
Pick itup in Sewer Retrieval, and finish the level with it.
Unlockable: Combat Shield
Pick it up in Trinity Infiltraiton and finish the level with it.
Unlockable: DEF-12 Shotgun
Pick itup in Nightclub Stakeout, and finish the level with it.
Unlockable: DW-P5 (SMG 2)
You must pick it up in Nightclub Stakeout, and finish the level with it.

Unlockable: FAC-16 (Assault 2)
You must pick it up at Trinity Escape (off dead ally, and finish the level with it.

Unlockable: Falcon (Pistol 1)
You must pick it up at the Nightclub Stakeout.

Unlockable: Flashbangs (Thrown, 1)
You must pick it up at the Lab Rescue, River Escape.

Unlockable: Frag Grenade (Thrown 1*5)
You must pick it up in the Nightclub Stakeout.

Unlockable: Hawk Boomerang
You must pick it up in the Trinity Infiltration.

Unlockable: KSI-74 (Assault 2)
You must pick it up in the Lab Rescue.

Unlockable: Laptop (Assault 2)
You must pick it up in the Trinity Infiltration.

Unlockable: M60 (Heavy 3)
You must pick it up during the Mansion Infiltration.

Unlockable: Frag Grenade (Thrown 1*5)
You must pick it up in the Nightclub Stakeout.

Unlockable: Magnum (Pistol 1)
You must pick it up in the Rooftops Escape.

Unlockable: Viblade
Pick it up in Mansion Infiltration , and finish the level with it.

Hint: Zhang Li Boss Tip
An easy sure-fire way to whack this guy is to take a DEF-12 shotgun and any other weapon that is fairly accurate at long distances (any assault rifle or sniper rifle). Zhang Li will dance around the arena and rain on Jo's pretty young butt with death plasma. Evade the shots using Jo's dodge and when you have a clear shot, feel free to shoot back but only if you are sure of a hit.

Damaging the boss enough prompts a shift in attack pattern, and Zhang will hurl obstacles that are diffult to dodge due to the size involved. Simply go to the far end of the platform when Zhang is lifting the object and run (normally) to the other end when the object is thrown.

Continue the attack on Zhang and this prompts him to jump down to Jo's level and attack with the ViBlade. To counter this, dodge and Zhang will falter, dropping the weapon. Normally, you'd take the sword and hack, but it is better to shoot him full on with a double blast from the DEF-12. Zhang will begin his regeneration sequence once he jump back up. Shoot him with the long range weapon to stop his recovery process and Zhang falls back into the ring. Now take the ViBlade and start the hacking and it should be able to finish him off (or at least do serious damage) before he repeats his pattern.

Hint: HAWK Shield On Vehicle
Jo must have the Hawk weapon unlocked for those vehicle stages. Include it in her kit and head for the vehicle. Stand next to the vehicle and throw the HAWK weapon as far out as possible. Before it returns, board the vehicle and when the HAWK returns to Jo's atavism, pressing RB will activate the ballistic shield while Jo is riding.

Glitch: Friendly Fire Off (Ranked Matches)
When creating a ranked game select deathmatch "dark-ops". When the scenerio is highlighted hold LEFT on the D-Pad while pressing GREEN. Cycle through until Eradication is showing again. Friendly fire should now be off. (Unverified)

Hint - Multi Achievements
Eke out a few gamertag points by setting up a fake multiplayer game (local). The majority of killcount and games achievements can be unlocked with a non-moving training "dummy".

Easter Egg - Jack Dark's Gun
Unverified. Go to the very first level in the game. Play through it as normal until you get in that elevator takes you to the surface. As soon as you get to the end of the elevator ride, You will see Jack Dark (the guy with the magnum). As soon as you see him, free 1 slot in your inventory and get your fists up (up on the d-pad). Go up to him with your fists and press secondary fire (RB) to steal Jack's gun (His gun is no different than a regular magnum except it has a black handle, a black barrel, and 200 ammo instead of 75.).

Glitch - Underwater Exit (Fatal)
Start off Mission 7. This will be much easier if you do it on Agent. As soon as you start off against the Brothers, go down one floor so you're on the left side of the boat. You'll see these columns that you can take cover behind. Go up to the second one and take a gun without a scope, (Magnums, CMP-150s and Uzis work best) and press LEFT-TRIGGER, A, A really fast behind cover.

Soon you will enter the wall, and you then press LEFT-TRIGGER and A and COMBAT ROLL into the wall. This will send you underwater, allowing you to se the Trinity Base from the outside. Underwater. With no air supply. And you don't die.UNLESS you go to far off the rock ledge you fall on, in which case you will fall out of the map to your death.

Sneak King Cheats

Unlockable: Sneaking Suit
Unlock all of the challenges.

Eragon Cheats

Unlockable: Throne Room
Collect all of the hidden eggs.

Need for Speed Carbon Cheats

Need for Speed Carbon Online Strategy Guide
Is it that time already? Yep, it seems the latest Need for Speed is ready, and this one is an attempt to combine the best of Underground and Most Wanted into one very slick package. It feels good to get back to Palmont City, even if it has shattered into a hotly contested war zone by the local gangs. Luckily these are fun-loving gangs who settle all their feuds honorably through underground street races; quite the conquest opportunity for the aspiring motorist.
It's also the largest Need for Speed yet, with more tracks, more cars, and more events than ever. It can be quite a lot to swallow, and that's why IGN is here with our handy reference guide to help you through your climb to the top.

In this Need for Speed Carbon strategy guide, you'll find:

BASICS // We take you back to school with the tips you need to win races.
CAREER MODE // Strategies for taking over Palmont City.
CARS // Every Car in the game, from Mazdas to Dump Trucks.
TRACKS // Maps, including hazards and shortcuts, for every track.
Get the Need for Speed Carbon Online Strategy Guide

Cheat Lists
Infinite nitrous: At the title screen, press Left, Up, Left, Down, Left, Down, Right, X. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.

Infinite crew charge: At the title screen, press Down, Up, Up, Right, Left, Left, Right, X. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.

Infinite SpeedBreaker: At the title screen, press Down, Right, Right, Left, Right, Up, Down, X. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.

Need For Speed Carbon Logo Vinyls: At the title screen, press Right, Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Right, X to unlock the Need For Speed Carbon Logo Vinyls. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.

Need For Speed Carbon Special Logo Vinyls: At the title screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Down, Down, Up, X to unlock the Need For Speed Carbon Special Logo Vinyls. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.

Extra Money: At the title screen, press Down, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, X, B to get an extra $10,000 in Career mode. If you entered the code correctly, a message will appear.

$10,000: Have a saved game file from Need For Speed: Most Wanted on your hard drive or memory card to get an extra $10,000 in Career mode.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas Cheats

Easter Egg - Axe Spray Goofiness
On Fremont Street (single-player) locate the Kapone casino entrance. While facing the entrance, look to the player's left and there will be a black AXE Men's Body Spray bottle sitting on a planter. Shooting it once will let you see test footage for R6 Vegas.

Hint - Unlock New Gear
After destroying the opposition in single player campaign, don't forget to pick-up each new weapon you come across. While you don't have to keep a weapon and finish a map to unlock it in your customization menu, you do need to hold onto it briefly or your profile will not save it.

Another advantage is once you "claim" the weapon, you can die or restart the mission entirely and use it in the stage you got it from. This way, all the enemies you drop pretty much restock that weapon's ammo and you literally will be carrying a portable ammo dump throughout that stage.

Note: you need to reload your gamertag's last checkpoint each time you boot the game to get your gear back. If you choose to load a stage without loading your last checkpoint, your previously earned weapons will be lost.
Hint - Survival XP Exploit
One player should create a 2 player Survival Match with a 5 Minute interval and 1 private slot. Invite your friend and start the match. Wait until there are only 1 to 2 seconds left in the match and then have one of the players kill the other. The winner will receive 395 - 398 XP and the loser will receive 196 to 199 XP depending on how long was left in the round. Alternate a few times to unlock some early extras.
Submitted by DigSTyle20000
XBL Ranks
Enlisted Ranks
Private 2nd Class ... Start
Private 1st Class ... 3000
Specialist ... 8400
Corporal ... ... 14500
Sergeant ... ... 23500
Staff Sergeant ... 38500
Sergeant 1st Class ... 56500
Master Sergeant ... 82500
First Sergeant ... 109500
Sergeant Major ... 139000

Officer Ranks
2nd Lieutenant ... 172000
1st Lieutenant ... 214000
Captain ... 264000
Major ... 330000
Lt. Colonel ... 415000
Colonel ... 535000
Elite ... 675000

Team Sharpshooter match with even teams:

10 min win=600 points
15 min win=900 points
20 min win=1200 points

You also get points when you lose, but this is somewhere between 200 and 400.

Hint - Rank Unlocks
Private 1st Class: Headgears 1 (Tactical Helm, Balaclava)

Specialist: Rainbow Weapons (MP7A1, SIG552, USP40)

Corporal: Camo 1 (Desert, Urban, Russian, Guerrilla, Fall, Desert 2)

Sergeant: Tactical Armor (Raven Recon Armor, Vulture Combat Armor, Falcon Assault Armor)

Staff Sergeant: Headgears 2 (3 Hole Balaclava, Baseball Cap, Breathing Mask)

Sergeant First Class: Camo 2 (Flecktarn, Orange, Swedish, War2k5, Alpen, White)

Master Sergeant: Freedom Fighter weapons (AK47, Raging Bull, SV98)

First Sergeant: Headgears 3 (Bonnie Hat, Beret, Tinted Goggles)

Sergeant Major: Black Market Armor (Typhoon Recon Armor, Cyclone Combat Armor, Hurricane Assault Armor)

2nd Lieutenant: Camo 3 (Pink, Blue, Woodland, Wasp, Sand, Crimson)

1st Lieutenant: Headgears 4 (Half-Face Mask, Reinforced Helm, Tactical Goggles)

Captain: Merc Weapons (MG36, SPAS12, Deagle)

Major: Military Armor (Vier Recon Armor, Diamondback Combat Armor, Anaconda Assault Armor)

LTC: Camo 4 (Yellow Urban, Red Urban, Tiger, Rust, Urban 2, Grey)

Colonel: Headgears 5 (Ballistic Face Mask, Riot Helm, NVGs)

Elite: Camo 5 (Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3)

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Cheats

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Online Strategy Guide
Raven Software is back with another button-smashing action RPG featuring over 20 characters from the Marvel universe. While there have been a number of changes since the latest title, the most obvious is in the graphics. Raven has ditched the old cartoonish character models for fully-realized 3D models.
Your task this time around is to take your Marvel super-heroes and stop Doctor Doom from seizing the incredible powers from Odin. As usual, IGN Guides is here to help you through the many missions and the game and stop Doctor Doom and his Masters of Evil.

In this Marvel: Ultimate Alliance strategy guide, you'll find:

BASICS // Tips on creating your own team of super-heroes.
WALKTHROUGH // Complete Marvel: Ultimate Alliance walkthrough covering each and every mission.
Get the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance Online Strategy Guide

Cheat: All Powers
At the main menu or a S.H.E.I.L.D. save zone menu, quickly press LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT, RIGHT, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, Start. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

Hard Mode: Beat the game on Normal
Nick Fury: Beat the game on Easy or Normal
Daredevil: Collect the five Daredevil action figures. You should have Daredevil half way through act three.

1. free the guy trapped in a clam (Atlantis). He gives you a code to unlock a close by chest near a fallen submarine

2. Dr. Strange's library

3. Beginning of the circus level in Dooms Castle, break down the door to a storage room

4. Near the Odin statue's left hand in the Bifrost level is a button that will reveal a chest with the action figure

5. Take the right path in the Asgard level. It's on a small path before you get to the houses.
Black Panther: Collect the five Black Panther action figures
Dr. Strange: Save Dr. Strange in Mandarin's Palace
Ghost Rider: Trade places with Ghost Rider in Hell in order to save his soul
Blade: Beat toy grab minigame in the Carnival in Murderworld.
Second & third costumes for all characters: Must play as that character and gain between 2-4 levels.
Fourth costume for all characters: Beat the Combat Training challenge for the character.
Silver Surfer: Defeat Galactus on the Skrull Throneworld.

Corrections by Jason Robb

Unlockable: God Mode
At the cheat menu, enter UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT.

Hint - Indestructable Weapon
I first discovered this trick while playing in the Asgard simulator (though it will work any where), and, thus far, only works with Colossus. When confronted by a foe without,/i> a usable weapon and one with a usable weapon, take hold of the unarmed foe using BLUE button attacks and while still holding your prey, grab the weapon from the armed foe by pressing BLUE followed by rapidly pressing GREEN.

The enemy who was in your grasp will now be stuck from head to waist in the ground, with their feet kicking in the air (and immune to further interaction). The weapon you now hold cannot be destroyed unless it is stolen from you or you drop it. This really came in handy when trying to max out my outfits and levels in the Asgard simulator. The Loki Troll mace destroys hordes of foes in just one or two swings.

Team Bonuses
Agents Of Shield (+5% to all resistances)
Captain America
Nick Fury

Agile Warriors (+10% reduced energy cost)

Air Force (+15% maximum health)
Human Torch
Ms. Marvel

Alternate Identities (+5% criticals)
Ironman - War Machine
Ghost Rider - Western
Spider-Woman - Secret Wars
Ms. Marvel - Ventura
Thor - Beta Ray Bill

Assassins (+60% for S.H.I.E.L.D.. credit drops)

Avengers (+5% damage)
Captain America
Iron Man
Ms. Marvel

Bad To The Bone (+5% damage inflicted goes to health)
Ghost Rider
Luke Cage

Bruisers (+15% striking)
Captain America
Luke Cage
Ms. Marvel

Classic Avengers (+15% maximum energy)
Black Panther
Captain America
Iron Man

Dark Past (+5% XP)
Ghost Rider

Defenders (+5% damage inflicted goes to health)
Dr. Strange
Luke Cage
Silver Surfer

Double Date (+5% health regeneration)
Black Panther
Invisible Woman
Mr. Fantastic

Fantastic Four (+20% health per KO)
Mr. Fantastic
Invisible Woman
Human Torch

Femme Fatale (+5% damage)
Ms. Marvel
Invisible Woman

Flashback (+15% max health)
Iceman in Snowy Form
Captain America in WW2
Daredevil in Original
Ghost Rider in Original
Iron Man in Classic
Ms. Marvel in Original
Wolverine in Classic

Martial Artists (+15% striking)
Black Panther
Captain America
Moon Knight
Nick Fury

Marvel Knights (+6% to all stats)
Black Panther
Dr. Strange
Luke Cage
Moon Knight

Marvel Royalty (+60% credit drop)
Black Panther
Dr. Strange

Natural Forces (+5% damage inflicted as health gain)
Human Torch
Ice Man

Natural Leaders (+5% XP)
Captain America
Dr. Strange
Mr. Fantastic
Nick Fury

New Avengers (+5% to all resistances)
Captain America
Luke Cage

New Fantastic Four (+15% maximum energy)
Ghost Rider
Luke Cage

Power Platoon (+20% energy per KO)
Silver Surfer
Iron Man
Ms. Marvel

Raven Ultimates (+6% to all stats)
Moon Knight

Scorchers (+10% reduced power cost)
Ghost Rider
Human Torch

Supernaturals (+5% health regeneration)
Dr. Strange
Ghost Rider

Think Tanks (+15% max health)
Dr. Strange
Mr. Fantastic
Iron Man

Weapons Specialists
Captain America
Nick Fury

X-Men (+15% maximum energy)