Monday, February 5, 2007

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent Cheats

Unlockable: Second Skin for Spy
You must obtain RECRUIT level in multiplayer.

Unlockables: Endings
Best: You must end with NSA trust above 33 percent. Save at least two of the three targets.
Standard: You must end with NSA trust below 33 percent. Save the three targets, or kill two of the three targets with NSA trust above 33%.
Weak: You must end with NSA trust below 33 percent. Kill all three targets, or kill two of the targets.

Unlockable: Spy Third Skin
You must get SPECIAL AGENT level.
Unlockable: All Multiplayer maps
You must win 6 games as a Spy, 6 games as a UPSILON Force member, and participate in 25 games overall.

Unlockable: Electric Lock Pick
You must finish the primary objectives in JBA HQ 1.

Hack Times (Spies VS Mercs)
Hacking times for one bar, two bars, and three bars of proximity are vastly different. Use the listed times in conjunction with your remaining match time to best gauge what your next course of action should be.

Note for some challenges where your spy needs to hack all four terminals for a single objective file, the times remain relevant (but for 100% of that terminal's data).

Proximity Bar x1 = 100 seconds (real time)
Proximity Bar x2 = 50 seconds (real time)
Proximity Bar x3 = 25 seconds (real time)
Hint - Mercs Direct Increase
You can artificially increase the merc's skills in range and gadgetry offline (since all you do is run around in a custom SysLink match with no opposition).

To increase your Direct skill, you can put in merc bots and corner them -- sometimes they continuously run out a narrow dorrway you can exploit. By doing the Berserk attack (L3 - or click LEFTJOY) you slowly build the direct stat.

If you and five friends have 20 minutes to kill, set-up a private session and (by gentlemen's agreement -- not 'Vestibule' agreement) berserk and headbutt the spies to their final life before letting them run around stealthily for their stealth increase or just rapidly for athletics skill increase. Overall gain makes everyone happy.

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