Monday, February 5, 2007

Sonic the Hedgehog Cheats

Unlockable: Shadow The Hedgehog
Finish Crisis City with Sonic.

Unlockable: Last Episode
You must complete Sonic's Episode, Shadow's Episode, and Silver's Episode.


Anonymous said...

Sony’s PlayStation 3 game consoles will be able to stream movies and TV shows from Netflix

Anonymous said...

Ok so i have a couple quesiton about the playstation 3: 1.How can i use the web like a computer. I know how you can use the keyboard but can you use a USB mouse? 2.How can you make it the internet is as fast as a laptop wireless internet if i can? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

A little off topic, Guys... I have a question. Two days ago I had fun with this site:
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They say you can play online NCAA Basketball game tournaments on any console for cash... had anyone tried that before? Looks like a cool idea...
Are there any other sites where you can play sports games for real moneys? I Googled and found only and but it looks these guys don't specialize in sport gamez. Any suggestions?