Monday, February 5, 2007

Phantasy Star Universe Cheats

Unlockable: Extra Mode
Finish Chapter 4 of Story Mode.

Hint - Unlock Biochemical Items
After you complete a level such as a free mission, you notice your rank. If you get an 'S' rank (1000 total points) You get get special Biochemical Items for Item Creations by 'Pete'. You get a different item for every mission. On the Mission were you have to Kill De Ragen you get the Biochemical Item 'DE Ragen'.

Hint - Easy Meseta Making Scheme
This only works for levels 15+! Once you get to level 15, do the "Ruler of the Plains" mission from the Parum flyer base. To get an 'S' you need to kill all monsters and the dragon in under I believe 7 minutes. On the first cave entrance, go to the left and kill the two dragons, this always had me get an 'A' if i didn't. The rest is easy. A hint for the De Ragan slaying, get rising strike to level 11 and push Y right after it finishes to use a special combo.

Attack the dragon in front of its chest by its neck: you will do triple damage hitting his neck, chest and feet. If you get a good sword you can hit up to 1,000 damage per combo. This way, you can kill the De Ragan before it can attack like I did. If you get an 'S', you should receive a De Ragan which is a head decor or a +8 to all Partner Machine stats but also -8 to attack. YOu might also receive other items like technics or discs. You make about 10k meseta from one run. Or if you don't sell the head you get about 5k Meseta because the De Ragan decor is worth 5k to a shop vendor. I personally used it all and just kept doing the mission until I ended up with about 600k. Wasn't too hard took me about an hour of gameplay.

Hint - Partner Machine Levels
Your partner machine can evolve at certain levels. I did some testing and I discovered that the levels are production level 10, 20, and 30. 10 and 20 just do better synthesis, while 30 allows your PM to go into battle. Be careful, the stats which you give to your PM will determine what it looks like, how it fights, and what weapon it uses. I ended up with a mini-tooth-fairy looking little girl with a shotgun. It does a 200, 200, and another 200 on a direct hit on the De Ragan. I recommend buying Carline which does all stats +8 except attack, and normal Photons which do +2 for everything except -2 for armor. If a stat is leveled with now red XP it cannot back level so it can't reduce stats.

Hint - Easy Extra Mode
This is for lower level characters, a keen way to get your guys started. Once you unlock Extra mode, progress through story mode until you get Maya, Kerin's sister.

Save and quit.

Now load Extra mode. Right from the start you will have access to all four of the NPC's in story mode on EXTRA. Party Nav, Maya, and Kerin. Go to the Linear Line platform and do the first quest. When done, SELL EVERYTHING AND DEPOSIT YOUR MESETA. Run the quest again until you hit level 5. This time you should have enough meseta to buy a better weapon, or armor.

Now go to Parim and do the mission that requires lvl 5 or better, and take all but Maya. Run the quest until you're happy with your (mid-range) level (about level 15 to 19).

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