Monday, February 5, 2007

NBA Live 07 Cheats

NBA Live 07 Online Strategy Guide
One year ago, EA introduced us to their Freestyle Superstar mode, allowing superstars alike to pass and dunk like their real-life counterpart. With NBA Live 07, EA expanded this mode, allowing lesser players to show off their moves this year. A new and related addition, the X-Factor allows a randomly-selected player to elevate his game, possibly providing the needed points to win the game late in the fourth quarter.

The sheer number of possible moves may be a little daunting, but don't fret... IGN Guides is here to help you through it all. In addition, we're here to help you play offense, defense, and create a dynasty team for the ages.

What are you waiting for? Grab a ball and let's hit the hardcourt.

In this NBA Live 07 strategy guide, you'll find:

* Basketball strategy for both offense and defense.
* Freestyle Superstar move lists
* Tips on creating a dynasty for the record books.
* ... And much more.

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Cheat: Charlotte Bobcats 2nd Road Jersey
At the input screen enter WEDX671H7S.
Submitted by RyGuy69
Cheat List
Enter these in at the cheat menu:

* Adidas Artillery II (black): 99B6356HAN
* Adidas Artillery II (white): NTGNFUE87H
* Adidas BTB Low (St. Patty's edition): 7FB3KS9JQ0
* Adidas C-Billups (All-Star edition): BV6877HB9N
* Adidas C-Billups (Vegas edition): 85NVLDMWS5
* Adidas Campus Lt (St. Patty's edition): CLT2983NC8
* Adidas Crazy 8 (St. Patty's edition): CC98KKL814
* Adidas Equipment Bball(St. Patty's edition): 22OIUJKMDR
* Adidas Garnett Bounce (All-Star edition): HYIOUHCAAN
* Adidas Garnett Bounce (Vegas edition): KDZ2MQL17W
* Adidas Gil-Zero (All-Star edition): 23DN1PPOG4
* Adidas Gil-Zero (Vegas edition): QQQ3JCUYQ7
* Adidas Gil-Zero Mid (Away): 369V6RVU3G
* Adidas Gil-Zero Mid (Home): 1GSJC8JWRL
* Adidas Stealth (All-Star edition): FE454DFJCC
* Adidas T-Mac 6 (All-Star edition): MCJK843NNC
* Adidas T-Mac 6 (Vegas edition): 84GF7EJG8V
* Bobcats Secondary road jersey: WEDX671H7S
* Jazz Secondary road jersey: VCBI89FK83
* Nets Secondary road jersey: D4SAA98U5H
* Wizards Secondary road jersey: QV93NLKXQC

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