Monday, February 5, 2007

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Cheats

Tony Hawk's American Wasteland Online Strategy Guide
You're a naive farmboy from the rustbelt who has headed off to Los Angeles with stars in your eyes and a beat-up skateboard under your arms. Your goal: to become known throughout the land as the top-dog of the board and wheels. But before you start walkin' around like you're the daddy-mack, take a look around hotshot. You're in the city that's witnessed the greatest legends of this, the sport of kings. And furthermore, you'll need to prove to them that you're not just some old hee-haw that doesn't know his Nollie Impossible from his Switch Kickflip. Do you have what it takes to make even the best take a step back and say, "Whoa"?
Turns out, you do! IGN Guides is here just in the nick of time to show you how to bust those moves and stick those combos with finesse. Feeling a little sheepish? Stop by Basics to see how to take care of the crucial stuff. Smashed a few controllers against the wall in frustration trying to complete a mission? Head on over to Story Mode to soothe your frazzled nerves. Wanna breeze through the game, old school style? Step right on up to Classic Mode. Got gaps? No? No problem. Head over to Gaps to see what you would call a "complete listing." Got a question that's just burning through your skull trying to get out and wreck havoc? Avoid making a big mess on your brand new couch by heading over to Q&A to handle it. Can't get enough of that extra stuff? Who can? Go to Secrets and all shall be revealed. Gotta get something off your chest or just want to see what used to be on other people's chests? Go to Boards to make it happen.

No matter where you come from or where you are, IGN Guides has got your back to the fullest. We just hope you don't hate receiving high praise from only the best skaters in the world.

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Unlockable: Mindy
Input help1nghand in the cheat menu.

Unlockable: Jason Ellis
Input sirius-DJ on the cheat menu to shred as Jason Ellis.

Unlockable: Mat Hofman
Input the_condor on the cheat menu.

Unlockable: Bails N' Burns 1 of 2
Clear Classic mode.

Unlockable: Bails N' Burns 2 of 2
Achieve 100% completed in Story Mode.

Unlockable: Dev-Team Skates
Achieve 100% completed in Classic Mode.

Unlockable: American Wasteland
Clear Story Mode.

Unlockable: Baller
Achieve 100 percent completion in Story mode.

Hint: Marseille Secrets
Go to the middle of the grassy area and locate the smallest tree there. A light post stands near it. Make your skater graze the tree and it will fall onto the wall and reveal a secret area. (Unverified).

Hint: Beverly Hills Record - 10 points
You must achieve a High Score in Beverly Hills.

Hint: Chicago Record - 10 points
You must achieve a High Score in Chicago.

Hint: Casino Record - 10 points
You must achieve a High Score in Casino.

Easter Egg: Goatse
Ever notice that in every T.H.U.G game there were people messing with goats? In Wasteland you'll find the goat scene in Hollywood. Go to where the skate shop is in Hollywood. Skate up the QP to the left and into the pool. Then grind or grab onto the third rail, going left. Jump onto a little corner and bash the crack wall with your board. You will find the goat on the bed and a oil rig worker.

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