Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Over G Fighters Cheats

Unlockable: F-16C
Beat any mission in area 2 to unlock the F-16C for use in scenario mode.

Unlockable: F-117A
You must complete tactical mission 1 in area 4. You can use it in scenario mode.

Unlockable: F-15C Fighter
Finish the sub-mission 5 in area 4.

Unlockable: F-15E
You must complete tactical mission 1 in area 6. This will unlock F-15E in scenario mode.

Unlockable: F-16AM
You must complete Sub-mission 6 in Area 6.

Correction by simalcrum
Unlockable: F-22A
You must complete Sub-mission 10 in Area 7.

Unlockable: F-35B
Complete any optional mission in Area 7.

Correction by simalcrum
Unlockable: F/A-18 Hornet
Complete sub-mission 7 in area 2.

Unlockable: Jas39A
Finish sub-mission 4 in area 5.

Unlockable: Mig-29G
Complete Sub-mission 10 in Area 4.

Unlockable: Su-27
You must complete tactical mission 2 in area 5.

Unlockable: F-18E
You must complete the Sub-mission 7 in Area 3.

Unlockable: T/F-18
You must complete the Area 3 Training Mission.

Unlock Hell Difficulty
Unlock Hell Mode difficulty by clearing the game on Expert difficulty.
Unlockable: F-2A
You must complete the Sub-mission 9 in Area 3.

Unlockable: F/A-18F SuperHornet
You must beat Saviola in Big Boss mode.

Unlockable: F-2 Blue Impulse
You must complete sub-mission 9 in area 3.

Unlockable: X-35C
You must complete 2 areas in hell mode.

Unlockable: SU_33
You must defeat Michael.

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