Monday, February 5, 2007

Tony Hawk's Project 8 Cheats

Unverified. Locate the cheats screen under the options menu.

yougotitall -- Unlock all Specials

needaride - Unlock all Decks. Cheat does not unlock 'Inkblot' and 'Gamestop' decks.

allthebest - Full Stats

frontandback - Perfect Manual

balancegalore - Perfect Rail

birdhouse - Unlock Inkblot Deck

newshound - Unlocks anchorman

shescaresme - Unlocks big realtor

enterandwin - Unlocks bum

hohohosoi - Unlocks christian hosoi

militarymen - Unlocks colonel and security guard

mixitup - Unlocks Kevin Staab

notmono - Unlocks Jason Lee

themedia - Unlocks photographer and filmer

wearelosers - Unlocks nerd

sellsellsell - Unlocks skinny real estate agent

manineedadate - Unlocks mascot

badverybad - Unlocks twin

strangefellows - Unlocks dad and skater jam kid

suckstobedead - Unlocks zombie

plus44 - Unlocks Travis Barker

Unlockable: Travis Barker
Go to the cheat menu and enter plus44.

Unlockable: Neversoft Mascot, Jason Lee, an Grim Reaper for play in Multiplayer and Free Skate
Make it into the top 8 rankings in Career Mode.

Hint - Massive Trick
Want to get 100000+ Points in one combo? Here's how. You'll need to find an area with two quarter pipes and a bit of an open area, not too uncommon in the game.

First off, get speed by doing spins between the two quarter pipes. Once you have a full metre of focus and lots of speed, go up the quarter pipe and perform the following tricks (doesnt have to be exact, just try);

- Get into focus mode
- Vertical Body Varial (flipping your entire body)
- Kickflip
- 360 Spin
- Kickflip

You should be able to do all of that before you begin falling again, now on your way down begin a "Nail the Trick" (press both sticks in), it doesnt matter what trick you do, but try to get atleast 3 different flips in. Then, even out your board and land.

When you land, do a stance-switch (press the right trigger), doing this lets you continue your combo on the ground. Right after the stance switch get into a manual (obviously, more points for doing a kickflip or other trick into the manual). Now that you're in manual, turn on focus again if it's stopped, and do as many grinds/stance switches/manual conversions as possible.

Finally, roll out of the manual and you'll have racked up a huge point count for that one combo, as long as you kept your manual long (if you can keep the manual going for about a minute, you're set.)


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